Dan Sciscente – The Benefits of Program Governance

Dan Sciscente explains the benefits of using Program Management to help manage cross-vendor initiatives during project delivery:

“I’ve been involved in many deliveries where an organization tasked my team to deliver highly-visible solutions, but the project consisted of multiple vendors – each with a specific role. Moreover, every vendor had a limited view of what the global solution to be put in place was, and therefore didn’t see the overall benefits neither understood the criticality of their committed deliverables.”

Dan Sciscente implemented a proven system that he brings to organizations appropriately titled “Using Program Governance to Manage Cross-vendor Deliverables and Risks”.

Here are some excerpts:

Why is Cross-vendor Management Risky

  • Cross-vendor project/ program management involves the integration of multiple resources; including project managers, IT specialists, clients, sponsors, change-management teams, end-users, etc., and could all be from different organizations;
  • There are numerous problem areas and levels of risks that stem from cross-vendor management, but the more obvious ones are:
    • Communication
    • Scope
    • Human Capital
    • Accountability and R+Rs
    • Reporting/ Control

Some Common Cross-Vendor failures

  • Having a mutual understanding of the business objectives set forth by the Sponsor
  • Obtaining accurate reporting, staying informed about key milestones, and being engaged with issues/ risks with vendor managed streams
  • Communications not centralized and Noise Management
  • Measuring performance and understanding human capital

Human Capital: Different Interpretation, Objectives and Thresholds

In cross-vendor situations, it can be challenging to work with Project Managers that aren’t from your organization as they may not manage projects as your organization does.

  • Their reporting and threshold to trigger what they consider to be a risk may differ from yours.
    • What you consider to be risky may appear normal to them;
    • Their threshold level with issues may be higher (risk), or lower which can become cumbersome;

His experience as a program manager, coupled with his exposure as a management consultant allows him the ability to build the organizational chart needed to delivery complex initiatives.

“Building the right team is key.” says Dan, “But when you have the right people, working on the right things and at the right time, everything is possible.”

Dan Sciscente admits that he hasn’t re-invented the wheel when it comes to delivery. Simply put, he uses proven techniques that he has acquired having consulted in so many large organizations.

Dan Sciscente Is Co-founder of SAP Solution Company Communi-T

Dan Sciscente began his technology work more than two decades ago. Over the years, as the digital world has continued to morphed, Dan Sciscente has evolved with it, providing in-demand services where they were needed. This work began in the days before computers became so prevalent, both for home and business use. Dan Sciscente saw a need for technology professionals to assist with designing and planning network installations. Over time, Dan Sciscente built a stable of clients who relied on him to consistently provide advice and support for their networks.

Accordingly, Dan Sciscente perfected his ability to participate in long-term planning as well as technology strategy. He began to offer consulting services to help with this strategizing, utilizing his talent for breaking complex concepts down in easy-to-understand terms.

As the demand for website design increased, Dan Sciscente saw the opportunity to tackle yet another exciting challenge. Founding a company that provided website design conceptualization and implementation to clients, Dan Sciscente and e-Nov, Inc., did more than simply design static informational pages for businesses. As Dan Sciscente explains, e-Nov specialized in providing clients interactive sites that made retail activity easy. These clients could upload and manage inventory and provide catalog information to customers, putting many of these clients ahead of the competition, Dan Sciscente says.

According to Dan Sciscente, his breadth of experience with strategizing and website design has given him a well-rounded perspective on technology, a valuable skill as he works as a consultant today. Dan Sciscente is also co-founder of Communi-T, a Canadian company that provides web pages and portals and networking solutions to businesses. Dan Sciscente believes his combination of knowledge in the areas of budget, planning, and technology serve his clients well as they try to keep up with today’s ever-changing technology.