About Dan Sciscente, PMP

Dan Sciscente, PMP

Dan Sciscente, PMP

Dan Sciscente has been an Information Technology professional for over two decades, having originally started as a Software Developer and Network Administrator at the age of 23. In the early stages of his career, Dan Sciscente saw a great demand for network design and support as businesses began to migrate their infrastructure to collaboration-based environments. With this knowledge, Dan Sciscente successfully built a local client base that required servicing with network and security needs, as well as participating in strategic company steering efforts with regards to the technological direction they should take.

In parallel, the Internet was exploding and Dan Sciscente saw opportunity in website design and development. An entrepreneur at heart, Dan Sciscente founded e-Nov Inc., a company based out of Montreal, Canada that built search engines and fully interactive web sites. This provided companies the ability to distribute inventory and catalog information online. Dan Sciscente’s new firm offered an incredible strategic and competitive advantage as customers discovering the Internet were able to obtain near real-time information with stock and availability.

Gaining experience from his new business venture, Dan Sciscente realized that he had a natural talent for Project Management and made the decision to couple those technical skills with his leadership abilities. As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Dan Sciscente has consulted for companies such as BCE, Hydro Quebec, Gaz Metropolitain, Commission de Construction de Quebec, IBM, Air Canada, Trans-Continental Media and Bombardier Aerospace.

Dan Sciscente has the technical abilities, including an extensive infrastructure and development background, to understand and complete any IT related project. Sciscente has completed projects ranging from large SAN migrations involving multiple suppliers selected though a government-based RFQ process, to SAP implantations in various types of businesses (small and large), as well as highly visible mobility development projects.

Playing off his natural love for SAP related assignments, Dan Sciscente, along with a partner, co-founded Communi-T Inc. Having the proper skillset with Infrastructure, development and mobility projects, Dan Sciscente architected Communi-T and the company quickly became an SAP certified solution, as well as a certified SAP Partner. Acting as a Central Integration Point, Communi-T deploys SAP transactions to Web, Mobile Web and Web Services.

Dan Sciscente was heavily involved in Communi-T but now enjoys taking on management consulting related initiatives that will aid companies with strategic decisions. Dan Sciscente’s experience is a benefit to companies as he focuses on the business side of the requirements, always considering costs in relation to the decision being made. His ability to view a wide spectrum of factors including budget, strategic direction, and current technological trends makes Dan Sciscente a leader in the ever changing field of IT Management.

For more information on Communi-T please visit www.communi-t.com.

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